Monday, October 12, 2009

paste up #004 - two serious ladies: jane bowles & cherifa

[up for 24 hours at Weston St tramstop, Brunswick East]

Jane Bowles with her lover of 20 years, Cherifa, a ‘wild girl’ uniformly despised & feared by everyone around Jane. Cherifa was also rumoured to have poisoned Jane to death.

Fortunately for us, Jane’s only novel, Two Serious Ladies, survives . . . a remarkable but seriously neglected and underrated book . . . Kathy Justice Gentile’s study of Jane Bowles’s work sums up best Bowles’s main themes: the concept of existential dread associated with choice and the original strategies employed by her heroines to confront dread.


Urban Cake Lady said...

gone already! balderdash.
looks ace :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Danado, We are fellow sufferers of anhedonia. So was Steinbeck and Ernest Bramah. We need a guru like you to lead us out. I would like to see a picture of fellow-sufferer, Simon Baker around Northcote as well. In anticipation, your new friends in anhedonia, Cal and a serious lady.